Monday, 15 October 2018

LSARRC News 9th October 2018

Lytham runners achieve at the West Coast Half Marathon.
LSARRC at the West Coast HM
LSARRC was well represented in the point-to-point West Coast Half Marathon on Sunday morning.  Starting in almost perfect, if a little chilly, conditions from the Docks in Preston, ten club members headed back through Freckleton and Warton, where they were met with an unwelcome head-wind along Lytham Prom, before finishing at Fairhaven Lake.  First back for the Club, was Darran Ames with a new PB time of 01:35:47.70 (and 4th vet 40).  Second was Chris Bowker in 01:39:38.49 (knocking 5 minutes off his previous best time). New PBs were also achieved by Jacqui Murray and Lewis Mcafee.  Pamela Binns completed the course in 2:15:15 and won first prize for FV 65.

Full results:  P24 Darran Ames 01:35:47.70, P25 Chris Bowker 01:39:38.49, P63 Kev Murray 01:46:40.10, P71 Lewis Mcafee 01:48:18.80, P71 James Buckley 01:50:09.87, P119 Jacqui Murray 02:00:05.43,  P164 Laura Byrne 02:10:17.84, P172 Pamela Binns 02:14:15.82 (first FV65+), P195 Ruth Bye 02:24:22.03 and P218 Sarah Bagshaw 02:38:16.89.

Also, on Sunday Melanie Koth of Lytham ran the Rochdale Half Marathon.  Koth said it was a fantastic race, completely traffic free, with closed roads. Runners started in front of the historic town hall uphill to the park and then turned on the canal where we most of the route run, we left the canal near a big reservoir where we did a loop around it before heading back to the canal and a downhill finish. The course was well marshalled and lots of supporters around to give some motivation. There was also a 10k and a fun run.  Koth came 38th overall out of 403 runners, 4th Lady and 1st V45 in a time of 1:30:39 which is another diamond standard time for her.

Greg Oulton travelled to Haworth, Yorkshire, for the 10k,825 feet Withins Skyline fell race. Starting and finishing at Penistone Country Park, almost entirely off road with plenty of mud, climbing, styles and bogs to negotiate, Oulton finished in 1:17:30, over 7 minutes faster than his previous attempt last year.

As usual lots of club runners completed parkruns at the weekend.  At the Lytham Hall parkrun Joe Greenwood was first home for the club, followed by Mark Selby for 4th.  Second female and 7th overall was Joanna Goorney in 20:27. 9th and 10th went to Neil Bayntun-Roberts (20:45) and Graham Webster.  Barbara Holmes was 3rd female in a time of 21:02, junior Maddy Markham ran well and finished in 21:32 for 4th female, and Gary Stansfield secured a new personal best time of 22:08.

Other Results:  Oliver Thomson 22:26 (24th), Mark Hughes 22:29 (27th), Dave Dunn 22:32 (28th), Kev Murray ran 22:44 (29th), Gill Draper 24:05 (50th), Claire Markham 24:27 (54th), Jacqui Murray 26:39 (88th), Trevor Roberts 26:51 (93rd), Jason Sheridan 27:36 (100th), Greg Oulton 27:54 (105th), Karen Lanigan 29:21 (123rd), Lewis McAfee 29:46 (127th), Lorna Jayne Cragg 29:50 (129th), Jeremy McCandless 32:28 (163rd) and Michelle Sheridan 34:23 (174th).

John Graeme Bertenshawe travelled to Lancaster and finished the parkrun there in a time f 22:56 for 39th position overall.

At the Fell Foot parkrun in Newby Bridge Rebecca Willetts came 144th in a time of 31:00.  Felicity Wolohan was 5th female at the Princes parkrun in Liverpool in a time of 22:53. At the Pennington Flash parkrun Ian Tate was 18th in 22:21.  Further a field at the Coventry parkrun Alistair Leivers of Lytham was 77th in 18:39.

At the junior parkrun in Lytham on Sunday 4 juniors took part and the first two finishers were from Lytham. Morgan Pritchard was first home in a time of 7:56. Jayden Richardson was second home in 8:17. James McAfee ran the course in 12:20 and his brother Joshua ran 15:36.

Monday, 8 October 2018

LSARRC News 2nd October 2018

Liz Abbott dazzles at Preston 10 k to finish 2nd female.
Paul Veevers and Liz Abbott ran the City of Preston 10k on Sunday. Paul finished in 22nd position with a time of 39:27, and Liz ran exceptionally well and was 12th overall and 2nd female in a time of 37:20, a tremendous achievement.

A large event starting and finishing on closed roads in Preston city centre. Taking in Avenham Park and including one or two hills!

LSARRC pacers at the Lytham Hall parkrun
At the Lytham Hall Park run on Saturday saw Chris McCarthy finishing first in a great time of 17:19. Joe Greenwood wasn’t far behind in 3rd spot.  The two top spots for the females went to Sophie Bohannon and Maddy Markham both juniors, who battled it out and were only separated by 1 second.  Lots of Lytham Club runners also acted at pacers for the 5k run.

Full Results:  Chris McCarthy 17:19 (1st), Joe Greenwood 18:30 (3rd), Andrew Draper 18:36 (5th), Ross McKelvie 20:02 (9th), Sophie Bohannon 20:02 (10th overall, and 1st female), Maddy Markham 20:03 (11th overall, 2nd female), Neil Bayntun-Roberts 20:25 (13th), Morgan Pritchard 21:12 (19th), Darran Ames 21:18 (20th), Jennifer Hill 22:02 (27th, 5th female), Neil Tate 22:0s (28th), Oliver Thomson 22:17 (31st), James Buckley 22:22 (34th), Mark Hughes 22:27 (36th), Alan Elstone 23:12 (46th), Kev Murray 23:54 (55th), Claire Markham 23:59 (56th), Gill Draper 24:02 (58th), Clemmie Tierney 27:05 (104th), Laura Byrne 27:17 (109th), G Browne 27:33 (112th), Pamela Binns 28:22 (122nd), Jacqui Murray 29:08 (134th), Karen Lanigan 29:25 (134th), Maria Tierney 29:38 (136th), Ruth Bye 30:27 (150th), Graham Young 32:12 (174th), Julie Wiseman 33:51 (183rd), Sarah Bagshaw 33:57 (184th), Jeremy McCandless 35:11 (196th), Paula McCandless 35:24 (197th), Jason Sheridan 36:55 (210th) and Gavin Stansfield 40:45 (volunteer/tail walker).

Lots of Lytham club members were parkrun tourists around the country.  Graham Webster attended the Old Deer parkrun near Richmond and came 15th, first male v65 in a time of 21:20 on a flat all grass 3 lap course.  Alistair Leivers ran the Coventry parkrun and was 5th overall in a time of 18:43. Ian Tate was a tourist at the Warrington parkrun can completed the course in 21:11 for 41st position overall.  A regular at the Princes parkrun in Liverpool, Felicity Wolohan was 1st female to finish in 21:11.  At the Fountains Abbey pakrun Roy Stevens ran 26:54, and more locally Joanna Goorney was first female at the Blackpool parkrun in 20:33.

On Sunday several Lytham juniors attended the junior parkrun, Morgan Pritchard was first in a time of 7:37. Jayden Richardson was 3rd in 8:20 and with 8:51 Eric Wrigley was 6th.  Rosa Gill ran a new personal best time of 10:44.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

LSARRC News 25th September 2018

Three Lytham members made the journey to Coniston on Saturday.  Gillian Oliver ran her first ever trail race, the 10k, in 1:35:54, Chris Bowker and Greg Oulton opted for the longer 15k race, Chris finishing in 1:22:06 and Greg in 1:46:34.

The 10k started and finished along the same route as the 15k, diverting somewhere along the way for the shorter route and approximately 1000 feet of climb.  For the 15k... Starting by Coniston Old Hall and running up through the town before going off road for most of the route, the race included some steep climbs and a total of just over 1400 feet of elevation gain. Finishing along the lakeside, with some stunning views and lots of run able stretches a race worth considering again next year.

Locally, four Lytham members ran the inaugural Blackpool Music Run 10K on Sunday 23rd September.  It was a beautiful sunny September day with a headwind on the way back to the finish.  The bands on route provided a great atmosphere to run too.  The results for the four Lytham runners were as follows:  Sue Hawitt 51:33:93, Kirsten Burnett 54:40:33, Sue Henry 1:01:48 her first 10k Race and Nicola Wiseman 1:10:33.

At the Lytham parkrun a number of Lytham runners attended, the highlight being the first 3 females to finish were from Lytham, the second and third spots went to 2 juniors who both gained new personal best times, Maddy Markham and Sophie Bohannon.

Full Results:  Catherine Carrdus 19:13 (3rd overall, 1st female),  Andrew Draper 19:34 (3rd), Maddy Markham 20:20 (7th overall, 2nd female), Sophie Bohannon (20:48, 10th overall, 3rd female), Ross McKelvie 20:49 (11th), John Graeme Bertenshawe 20:52 (12th), Graham Webster 20:55 (14th), Darran Ames 22:11 (26th), Neil Tate 22:12 (27th), Stephen Tate 23:59 (43rd), Claire Markham 24:15 (50th), Susan Hawitt 24:42 (60th), Gill Draper 24:43 (61st), Trevor Roberts 26:30 (84th), Laura Byrne 27:18 (93rd), Finlay Hughes 27:48 (100th), Mark Hughes 27:50 (102nd), Karen Lanigan 29:07 (122nd), Bob Clough 30:29 (131st), Julie Wiseman 32:00 (142ns), Sarah Bagshaw 33:20 (151st), and Michelle Sheridan 33:20 (151st).

Jennifer Hill ran the Preston parkrun and completed the course in 21:58.   Ian Tate was a tourist park runner at the Pennington Flash parkrun and finished in 22:08, at the Princes parkrun Felicity Wolohan was 2nd female and James Buckley ran the Blackpool parkrun and Jessica Ramsden the Fleetwood Promenade parkrun.
At the junior parkrun in Lytham on Sunday 5 Lytham runners took park.  First home for the club was Archie Belfield in 8:27 coming 2nd overall.  Finlay Hughes was 7th in 9:07, other runners included James and Joshua McAffe and Sophie Tate.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

LSARRC News 18th September 2018

Success for Graham Webster of Lytham at the World Masters.

With over 8200 athletes from all over the world descending on Malaga in Spain for the World Masters Athletics Track and Field competition, it was always going to be a challenge.
Graham Webster V65 took part in 5 races in total, over the 2 weeks from the beginning of September, starting with the cross country in which temperatures were high, in the 80s.  Webster ran the undulating course of 8K to count as third team place to win a team bronze, even after taking a fall 2k from the finish line.

3 days later Webster competed in the V65 800m and finished in 2:41 to come 3 seconds short of qualifying for the final.  Next was the 5000m race which took place in very humid conditions (84 degrees) at 9.30p.m.  As there were 60 runners there were 3 finals Webster was in the fastest A race coming in 16th and 17th from 60 runners in 20:40:04.

On the last day of the competition was the half marathon which on a flat, windy course around Malaga’s roads saw over 1500-2000 runners’ race around the town, lots of runners dropped out however Webster managed to finish in 1 hour 42 minutes which meant he came 6th V65 for Great Britain.

Three hours later ester was asked by the Team Manager to compete in the 4x400m relay.  With just 30 minutes to prepare Webster was asked to do the first leg and ran against USA, Poland, Germany, Australia and Spain. Coming in 5th in 74.4 seconds his team mates improved to finish 3rd, which was unexpected and a great achievement, only being beaten by USA and Germany.

Closer to home on Sunday, 16 Lytham runners taking part at the new Fairhaven Flyer 10k.
As typical it was heavy rain and very windy, but it didn’t put 267 runners off to take part.
It was a lap around Fairhaven lake before setting off towards St. Anne’s pier and running past the beach huts. Heading back to Fairhaven was running against the wind. It is a fast course.

Melanie Koth had a great run, finishing First Lady and first Lytham runner in a diamond standard time.

Results were as follows: Melanie koth 9th Overall, 1 Lady, 42:05, Darran Ames  10th OV. 42:09, C:41, Jennifer Hill 26th ov, 4th Lady, 45:27, Kev Murray 31hris Bowker 21st OV. 44st Ov, 46:24, Lewis Mcafee 32nd ov, 45:53,Ben McCabe 33rd ov, 46:54,James Buckley 38th ov, 48:09,Roy Upton 49th ov, 48:449,Gill Draper 63rd ov, 50:38,Mathew Hill 74th ov, 51:31,Susan Hawitt 77th ov, 51:44
Adrian Sargent 85th ov, 52:29, Jacqui Murray, 109th ov, 54,41,Juli Wiseman 148th ov, 58:40 and Sarah Bagshaw 199th ov, 1:05:07.

As usual lots of senior club runners and some juniors completed park runs over the weekend, with Lytham parkrun not taking place not as many runners took part.  However, at the Fleetwood Promenade park run Neil Tate was 5th and at the Liverpool Parkrun Felicity Wolohan was first lady to finish the course.  At the junior parkrun on Sunday Jayden Richardson and Morgan Pritchard secured the first 2 spots.  With Oliver Thomson in 4th and Archie Belfield in 5th.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

LSARRC News 11th September 2018

Junior Maddy Markham wins a silver at Blackpool Athletics meeting, along with other impressive performances by the junior athletes.

Five Lytham juniors made the short trip to Stanley Park to compete in the Blackpool Open Track and Field meeting on Sunday 9th September.

On a very wet and windy day not conducive to good performances under 11 girl Clemmie Tierney reaped the rewards of her hard work in training performing very well in the long jump taking 5th place with a personal best distance of 3.34m beating her previous best by 59cm. Clemmie went on to finish 5th in her heat of the 80m with a time of 13.1s.

Under 13 girl Rebecca Fisher ran an excellent 70m hurdle race to finish in 4th place just 0.1s away from a bronze medal. Rebecca withdrew from the high jump with an injury and competed in the discus instead. With no under 13 competition Rebecca had to compete in the under 15 event and did exceptionally well to finish 3rd with a distance of 17.63m, a personal best distance using the heavier under 15 discus. In what is proving to be her most successful event Rebecca went on to take gold in the shot with a distance of 17.63m. Under 13 girl Amara Thorpe jumped 3.31m in the long jump for 11th place with team mate Olivia Bielec making her debut for Lytham and in her first ever track and field competition did well with a best jump of 3.22m for 14th place. Amara and Olivia both went on to compete in the 100m finishing 3rd and 5th in their heats with a times of 15.4s and 15.8s respectively. Amara also ran well to finish 4th in her heat of the 200m with a time of 32.8s.

Under 15 girl Maddy Markham also in her first track season ran well in the 1500m to finish 2nd in a time of 5m 38.3s. Maddy also ran in the Lytham Hall parkrun on Saturday and finished 17th overall and 1st in her age group at in a time of 22m 27s

Lytham had 5 athletes running the Park View junior parkrun taking third (Jayden Richardson, 7m 55s), fourth (Oliver Thomson, 8m 38s) and fifth (Archie Bellfield 8m 44s). Brothers James and Joshua McAfee finished 37th and 38th in 14m 06s and 14m 07s with Joshua improving his personal best by over a minute.

Not to be out done 5 senior runners completed the Great North Run over the weekend.  Kevin Murray was first home for Lytham in 1:56:31, followed by Sue Hawitt in 2:00:12.  Not far behind was Kathy Gaunt in 2:00:35, Nicola Wiseman in 2:09:24 and Jackie Murray in 2:15:17.

Hawitt said it was a tough run because the weather was so warm for this time of year, however the support in terms of showers on route was very welcome. The crowds in Newcastle to South Shields were amazing lining the streets with jelly babies, orange segments and ice pops.

The race accommodated 57,000 people (approximately) and from my experience was so well organised.

As usual several Lytham runners completed the Lytham parkrun, and other club members were tourist park runners elsewhere.

At the Lytham Hall parkrun the first 3 spots were achieved by Lytham runners Joe Greenwood, Chris McCarthy and Alistair Leivers.  Trevor Roberts ran a personal best time.

Full Results:  Joe Greenwood 17:33 (1st), Chris McCarthy 17:45 (2nd), Alistair Leviers 18:34 (3rd), Neil Tate 19:38 (6th), James Buckley 21:12 (12th), Maddy Markham (22:27), Jennifer Hill 23:07 (24th), Claire Markham 24:39 (39th), Trevor Roberts 27:12 (73rd), Michelle Sheridan 34:54 (11st) and Julie Wiseman was the tail walker (volunteer who completed the course in 44:49.

Roy Stevens was 78th overall at the Ballincollig parkrun in a time of 26:01.  Another parkrun tourist Neil Bayntun-Roberts ran the Bedgebury Pinetum parkrun in 22:41 for 14th.  Two Lytham runners completed the Lancaster parkrun on Saturday, Catherine Carrdus and John Bertenshawe.  Both ran great times and Carrdus was first female home in 20:55 and Bertenshawe was 25th overall in 22:52. 

At the Fleetwood Promenade park run Darran Ames attending coming 14th overall with a time of 20:59. Closer to home at the Blackpool parkrun held at Stanley Park Olivia Johnson Allen of Lytham attended, running the course in 28:44, for 72nd overall and 16th female.

At the Hazlewood parkrun Gerry Browne finished the course in 22:37 and Julia Rolfe ran the Wyre Forest parkrun in 26:19.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

LSARRC News 4th September 2018

Two Lytham members shone in 20 miler in Lancaster.

Andy Draper and Felicity Wolohan ran the Golden Ball 20 Mile race in Lancaster on Sunday as preparation for October's Yorkshire Marathon. Andy was first male with 2:05:07 and Felicity was 1st female with a new PB of 2:20:12, a fantastic achievement.  Also, on Sunday, Neil Tate, Alex Tate, Ian Tate, Jennifer Hill, Pamela Hardman, Jacqui Murray and Kirsten Burnett all did the Garstang half, an undulating but enjoyable event. Neil was 8th overall.  Hardman was the first in FV55.  The weather was humid with no wind.

On Saturday Melanie Koth of Lytham completed the sundowner middle distance triathlon near York.  It's called sundowner as it starts at 12pm and you finish when the sun goes down.  Koth finished 207th overall (out of 468), 21st lady and 3rd V45 in a total time of 05:51:57 hours. 

It started with a 3-lap swim (1.2 mile) and you had to get out of water after each lap to run 20m to go back into the water. Koth said it was a brutal swim as a lot of swimmers in different waves tried to get the best position and there was a lot of kicking and dunking. most tiring was to get out of water and back in.  The Bike was 2 laps in total of 56 miles. The course was flat, but there was a permanent head or side wind.  It was a very warm and the sun was burning, the course was very open without shade.

It finished with the Run of 3 laps and 13.1 miles. The run was the most supported part but tricky as well. There were several steep off-road hills, gravely lake paths and with tired legs some long road straights. The support was fantastic! unfortunately the water stations struggled with the high demand on water through the heat and run out quite quickly but lots of people/supporters came with buckets of water and helped out.

A number of Lytham runners completed park runs on Saturday.  Neil Tate and Andrew Draper were 5th and 6th in just over 20 minutes.  Darran Ames was 10th with a new pb of 20:38. Julie Wiseman and Pamela Binns also gained new personal best times.  Liz Abott ran the Inverness parkrun and was the first female and 4th overall.  At the Dalby Forest parkrun Stephen Tate came 69th.  Olivia Johnson Allen completed the Blackpool parkrun in just under 30 minutes and Paul Veevers was 4th at the Fleetwood Promenade parkrun.

Sunday saw several junior members complete the parkrun at Park View Lytham. Jayden Richardson was first home for the club, coming 4th, James and Joshua McAffee also completed the course.